Gibson Guitar Produces New Lines of Epiphone and Gibson Amps

New Gibson and Epiphone amplifiers offer guitarists "golden era" all-tube tone as well as modern solid-state value. Designed by Gibson Labs, the technology division of Gibson Guitar, the new amp lines offer the perfect amp for every style of music and every performance situation, range from hand-crafted, 5-watt, all-tube practice/studio amps to a 100-watt powerhouse head with 4x12" cabinet, from the ultimate affordability of the Epi line to the ultimate in amplifier design, represented by Gibson''s collaboration with noted amp builder Michael Soldano on the "Gold Top" model.

A total of five additional models of amplifiers are being produced as a joint partnership between Gibson Labs and Soldano Custom Amplification. The partnership's first offering, the "Gold Top," will be followed by four other amplifiers to be announced in mid-2005. The Gibson "Gold Top" is a distinguished take on Michael Soldano's flagship amplifier, the SLO100. Each amplifier will be hand-signed and numbered by Michael Soldano. Along with the signature, each amplifier will come with a hardcover photo album documenting its specific crafting from start to finish.

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