Gibson Custom Shop Announces "Inspired By" Series Guitars

The Gibson Custom Shop announced today the launch of the Inspired By series limited-edition collection of guitars, inspired by and built to the exact specifications of some of the most innovative guitarists of all time. Unveiled for the first time to the general public at CES 2006 will be the mythical Jimi Hendrix Psychedelic Flying V. Purchased in 1967 and used on tour in Europe during 1967 and 1968, the guitar-with its swirling, psychedelic designs-highlights the spirit of the times and showcases Jimi''s unique artistic expression.

Meticulously recreating Jimi's guitar has been a labor of love for the Gibson Custom Shop. Originally painted by Hendrix with what appears to be nail polish, the Custom Shop has used materials which reproduce the same sense of depth and texture. The materials and hardware are faithful reproductions of the original.

The Inspired By guitars are all handmade instruments crafted by Gibson's famous Custom Shop, featuring one-of-a-kind looks, style, and tone. The Jimi Hendrix Psychedelic Flying V will be on display throughout CES at Gibson Guitar Booth CP1 (Central Plaza 1) outside the main entrance. In addition to the guitar, guests will have a chance to view rare Hendrix memorabilia on loan from Experience Music Project.

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