Get Exotic with New Jam Tracks Title

Discover new sounds by learning 10 exotic scales from around the world. Jam Tracks Exotica presents guitarists with a way to learn and play these scales with 37 backing tracks that fuse ethnic music with western pop and rock styles. The software interface shows the appropriate fingering patterns for each scale onscreen as the tracks play. One octave audio samples of each of the scales are also included.

The disc can also be used as an audio CD to allow for practice while away from a PC. Three printable files are included for reference; The Get Started file includes tips for using Exotica as well as a chart listing the chords created by harmonizing each of the scales. A Chord Progressions file shows chord charts for each of the tracks. The Scale Patterns file has the fingering patterns for all of the scales.

Featured Scales:

  • Arabian
  • Balinese
  • Byzantine
  • Chinese
  • Gypsy Minor
  • Harmonic Major
  • Harmonic Minor
  • Hindustan
  • Japanese
  • Spanish Gypsy

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