Germanium Fuzz Added to Cats-Eye ESP's Pedal Lineup

Cat''s-Eye E.S.P. has announced the release of their newest pedal, the Hop Hed Fuzztone.
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The Hop Hed Fuzztone is an all germanium fuzz made in the spirit of one of rock music's most recognized vintage effects, the MK III tonebender. The Hop Hed Fuzztone reproduces Jimmy Page's Zeppelin era tone while providing True Bypass switching, an LED status indicator, and rock solid construction.

Features include: 3 hand-selected AC128 germanium transistors, and an internal "trimpot" to adjust the overall gain/output level. Adjusting this trimpot gives the user more dynamic control when using it in front of other pedals with less output (i.e. Tubescreamers and other overdrive pedals). Another feature the Hop Hed has to offer is a tone circuit, giving you just enough natural compression to get the "Communication Breakdown" sound without getting too thin or too weak according to the company.

The Hop Hed is entirely handmade in the USA, comes with a 9 Volt AC adapter and carries a 3 year limited warranty.

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