Gerald Weber

Tube Guitar Amplifier Servicing & Overhaul

This new DVD by Kendrick Amplifiers president Gerald Weber offers a ton of useful information for anyone interested in learning how to maintain and repair tube-powered amplifiers. After a thorough grounding (no pun intended) on how to stay safe when working around high-voltage circuits, Weber delves into the fundamental of how tube amps operate and spells out the key differences between classic Fender and Marshall designs. In subsequent chapters, the topics range from basic maintenance procedures to advanced amplifier overhauls. Along the way you’ll learn about tools, troubleshooting, replacing damaged components, making solid chassis grounds, and what’s involved in converting silverface Fender amps to blackface specs. Other topics include identifying and fixing common wiring mistakes found on some very popular amplifiers, how to identify the impedance of an unknown transformer, determining output wattage, and lots of other cool, tech-oriented things. The camera work on this production is excellent, and every procedure is backed up with views that are so clear and close in that you can actually read the values on the components. This fun and informative DVD is a no-brainer for any DIY type, but even if you’re a technophobe who’s merely interested in what makes an amp tick, you’ll want to add it to your collection. (Kendrick Amplifiers).
—Art Thompson