George Vinson

Guitarist: George VinsonAge: 44Style: Rock, R&B, blues, acousticInfluences: David Gilmour, Steve Howe, Trevor RabinMain Guitar: Early ’80s “The Strat”Location: Thompson’s Station, TN

Background: Inspired by a guitar-playing brother and the sounds of the British Invasion, Vinson later embraced progressive rock, and, by age 15, had become a session guitarist in his native Birmingham, Alabama. While logging long hours in the studio, Vinson also developed the production and engineering skills with which he continues to make a living. In 2005, Vinson released Spheres Of Influence, a collection that runs the gamut from progressive, symphonic, and new age to contemporary pop. Vinson’s vision as a composer is clear, and his guitar parts are well executed. Taste is the name of the game here, where phrasing and melody take center stage over flash.