George L's Cable Kit

Anyone who has used George L’s cabling system is hip to the ease it provides for making custom-length cables. To make things even more convenient for the traveling player, the company offers the Cable Kit ($63 retail/street price N/A), which includes a cable checker (which has built-in test points and an LED indicator), a cable cutter, a knurled-handle screwdriver (for cinching down the securing screws on George L’s straight plugs), and a number of other goodies, such as stress-relief jackets (for the cable/plug junctions) and some Velcro-ized cable keepers.
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Everything fits into a compact, vinyl zip-up case, which features elastic straps and net pouches for keeping things secure, and has enough room left over for such non-included items as batteries, a length of cable, plugs, picks, a small flashlight, etc. This is a great way to keep your cable tools together and at the ready for those situations when your cord suddenly decides to go have a smoke.