Genz Benz Adds New 2x10 Combo to NeoX Bass Amp Line

New for NAMM was the Genz Benz NeoX400-210T bass combo. This new model delivers the full 425 watts from the amplifier into the combo cabinet''s dual 10" and tweeter configuration.
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These dual speakers are the company's new ultra lightweight 10" Neodymium cast frame drivers, providing optimum power-to-weight performance and enhanced tone and frequency response. Extremely punchy and clear tone with quick, transient attack and headroom to spare are the hallmarks of the NeoX400-112T.

The NeoX400 amplifier design features: 2 foot-switchable channels; one FET and one TUBE preamp; a Global 5 band Active EQ; Global Signal Shape Circuitry (foot-switchable); Active/Passive Input Switching; Input Mute; XLR Direct Out and Effects Loop.

Transporting this combo is made easy by the "Edge-lift" handles and kick-back casters. Weighting in at 66 lbs the NeoX400-210T is also modest in size at 28 1/4"H x 21 1/4"W x 16 1/2" D.

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