Garrison Starr

The Sound of You and Me

As I listen to Starr’s sixth album, two words immediately come to mind—deep and sweet. Deep because, you need only listen to one song to realize Starr isn’t writing songs for the sake of cleverly rhyming words, and sweet because, not only is her voice pleasant with its vulnerable innocence, but her guitar playing is fresh and engaging. Throughout The Sound of You and Me, Starr is clearly exposing her soul. She actually recites from her journals at the introduction of, “Sing It Like a Victim,” and her breathy murmuring gives the song an interesting, almost otherworldly texture, as do other unexpected tonal wonders, like unusual percussion noises and whistling. Starr’s folk-like discipline on steel-string acoustic carries her songs, although she does occasionally play electric. Each of the album’s 11 tracks features different instrumentation, from pedal steel to organ, which gives every tune its own place on this wonderful, organic record. (Vanguard).