Fulltone Gold Standard GS-15SS Guitar and Bass Cable

When a company with the reputation that Fulltone has for award-winning tones and high-quality construction comes out with a something as simple as a guitar cord, you can be assured they’ve put some serious thought and research into it.

The new Gold Standard GS-15SS 15' cable ($42 retail/$38 street; GS-10SS $36 retail/$32 street) delivers on its promise of improving your tone, and that’s due to a number of factors. See, all guitar cables have some amount of capacitance, impedance, and inductance, and manufacturers fiddle endlessly with these values to get the response they want. Excessive capacitance in a guitar cord can degrade the high-frequency response, and because capacitance is affected both by how close the conductors are to each other, as well as the length of the cable, to keep this value low, a cable should be reasonably short, and its conductors widely spaced. This may have something to do with the Gold Standard being a little fatter than a lot of cables. Capacitance, however, is only one factor that determines how a cable sounds, and Fulltone has tailored the materials (such as oxygen-free copper wire) and construction to enhance the low and midrange frequencies.

The Gold Standard does sound bigger and, dare I say, fuller than the other cables I compared it to. It also seems louder (probably due to its ability to pass signal more easily), and even my cables that were considerably shorter didn’t measure up to the Gold Standard’s rich, meaty sound. The Gold Standard features two straight gold-plated steel connectors. And though I did experience an intermittent signal condition with one of the plugs on one of the several Gold Standards I tested, the strain relief and stout construction of these cables portend a long and trouble-free life. The Gold Standard is now also offered in a right-angle version for the same price to benefit owners of SGs and other guitars with face-mounted output jacks.