Fulltone Catalyst(2)

Fulltone's new Catalyst does fuzz, clean boost, distortion, and more, thanks to its Flame/Spark switch.
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The Catalyst uses discreet, FET-based circuitry to deliver a variety of distortion, fuzz, and overdrive tones. It sports Volume, Gain, Bass/Mids, and Treble controls, along with a mini toggle-witch labeled Flame/Spark that, in its latter position, allows the Catalyst to deliver clean signal boosts (with the Gain turned down and the Volume cranked) along with a range of meaty distortion textures as you wick up the Gain. With the switch in the Flame position, the Catalyst assumes a fuzzier attitude with exceptional dynamic response that allows it to transistion from wicked sustain to rich, grinding "clean" textures as you roll down your guitar's volume knob. Factor in the low-loss tone controls and a low 10kΩ output impedance that allows it to groove better with vintage and newer non-true-bypass "buffered" pedals, and the Catalyst is a multi-talented distortion machine of the highest order. The metallic orange paint looks mighty cool too!