Full AmpliTube 2 Demo Version Available From IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia is proud to announce that a fully functioning demo of AmpliTube 2, the sequel to the multi-award-winning amp modeling and effects software of AmpliTube, is now available for download from the AmpliTube 2 website. Owners of the iKey or any other Syncrosoft USB dongle will be able to enjoy this demo version of IK''s advanced guitar amp and effects processor plug-in.
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The AmpliTube 2 demo version works with exactly the same features as the full version of AmpliTube 2. The demo will work for 30 starts and 10 days, offering a full trial of the over 80 modeled amps, cabinets, stomps and rack effects which are included in AmpliTube 2.

The AmpliTube 2 demo version is only available to users equipped with any Syncrosoft USB dongle or iKey. Users must have it present in their computer at the time of installation, or the AmpliTube 2 demo version will not be activated. The Syncrosoft iKey or USB dongle can be found in many recent software packages (from IK, Steinberg, Arturia, Korg, Vienna), through any traditional music dealers, or can be purchased separately online. You can see a list of software currently equipped with a Syncrosoft USB dongle here.

Users may download the AmpliTube 2 demo version directly from the AmpliTube 2 website.

The full version of AmpliTube 2 has an introductory MSRP of $399/Euro329 and has a cross-grade price of $249/Euro199+VAT. AmpliTube 2 is currently available in the IK dealer/distributor network worldwide. AmpliTube 2 supports all the most popular plug-in platforms in both Windows™XP and Mac™ OSX including VST, RTAS and AU. A TDM version for Pro Tools™ systems is also under development.

For more information, visit their web site at www.ikmultimedia.com.