Frontier Design Group TranzPort v1.3.0

The TranzPort ($249 retail/$199 street) is a two-way wireless device that uses high-frequency radio waves to remotely control transport and other DAW functions—something that can come in handy for, say, recording yourself playing acoustic guitar from across the room to avoid having computer noises bleed into the microphone. The small, lightweight unit is compatible with Windows 2000 or XP and Mac OS X (10.2.8 or higher), and designed to work with every major DAW and an increasing number of other programs (even iTunes).
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Powered by four AA batteries, the TranzPort communicates with the tiny USB-powered Tranzceiver interface at distances of up to about 30 feet, regardless of obstructions. There are 14 primary control buttons, including Shift (which doubles each control’s function), Undo, Rewind, Fast Forward, Stop, Play, and Record, as well as a handy data wheel. A modest backlit display with two 20-character lines lets you monitor an amazing amount of information given its size.

Configuring the TranzPort to work with Digital Performer took only a few minutes, and soon I was selecting, muting, soloing, and arming tracks for recording; setting punch in/out points; creating loops; placing and removing position markers; and monitoring my playback levels from the rear of my studio. You can also program the buttons in various ways—including having them transmit DP Commands—and you can connect an optional footswitch for manual punch in/out.

The functions and programming capabilities outlined here should give you a sense of the power nestled within the TranzPort’s diminutive enclosure, but there’s more—lots more—and I heartily recommend you explore its capabilities for yourself. This is truly one of those “why didn’t anyone think of this before” innovations.

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