From The Editors: Late Night with Deirdre Jones

Who knew the New Lacuna Coil record, Shallow Life, could help pay back the neighbors?

Because I’m a chronic insomniac with 800 cable channels, I’m frequently up during the wee hours watching programming that was not meant to be seen when normal people are awake. This is prime time for me; I can catch a midnight showing of Rosemary’s Baby, the Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney circa 125, or even I Know Who Killed Me, one of the best movies ever made. Then there are nights like tonight, where it is a cultural desert. So it goes that I find myself watching the horrible Some Kind of Wonderful, a John Hughes 80s yarn starring a pre-Pulp Fiction Eric Stoltz as a high school misfit trying to get a date with the hottest girtl in his class. During detention, his new friend, Duncan, shows Eric a drawing he did of a skull with eyeballs and hair (kind of like Eddie on the cover of Iron Maiden’s Killers, but with a ponytail) and tells him, “this is what my girlfriend would look like with no skin.” This was an amazing coincidence, because earlier I felt exactly the same way after listening to the first 30 seconds of the new Lacuna Coil album Shallow Life. It was an accident because the first few moments of the opening track ease in so slowly that you might turn your speakers up as loud as they will go, because your thinking maybe something’s up with the volume. Then BAM! The opening riffs literally blew my face off. I don’t think my neighbor dug it, but that’s payback for running his band saw at eight in the morning! I’ll have more details in my interview with Lacuna Coil guitarists Cristiano “Pizza” Migliore and Marco “Maus” Biazzi in the July issue of Guitar Player. In the meantime, go here to visit the newly revamped Lacuna Coil MySpace page and stream the band’s new single. —Deirdre Jones