Freedom of choice!

Our New Song Transcription Downloads Let You Pick What You Want to Play—and It’s FREE!

Guitar Player and have partnered to offer GP readers one free song transcription download from a list of 15 options. You are no longer shackled to a single song chosen by editors each month. From now on, it’s all up to you to select whichever song you’re in the mood to tackle. From classic rock to jazz or blues, and including artists from Duke Ellington to Radiohead, it’s totally your choice and it’s totally free.

In addition, one song will also be offered in Musicnotes’ Guitar Guru format, which displays the notes on a virtual fretboard as the actual CD plays along (the artist’s CD must be provided by the user and played in the computer CD drive, and, sorry, PC users only can access this function). At right is this month’s song list, and everything you need to know to get started is below. Now, go exercise your freedom of choice!

Your Simple Download Instructions:

• Connect to the Web, and go to

• Check your magazine for the month's code.

• Enter your unique code in the Unique Code box, found on page 129 of Guitar Player, April 2005.

• Continue with the on-screen instructions.