FR3000V Tube Drive Reverb from Guyatone

Arguably the first sound effect ever used, reverb has long been a favorite of musicians and producers alike for adding warmth and life to recordings and performances. In an effort to bring great vintage reverb tone back to the masses, Godlyke introduces the Guyatone FR3000V Tube Drive Reverb, a stand-alone analog reverb unit.
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Each FR3000V unit is loaded with New Old Stock General Electric 6K6GT, JAN GE 5751, and JAN GE 12AT7WC tubes instead of the current-production third world tubes used by most manufacturers. These vintage tubes are tested and burned in prior to loading and then tested again in the FR3000V circuit for performance and tone. The FR3000V also features an Accutronics 4AB3C1B long reverb tank. This 2-spring tank offers a longer reverb trail.

The FR3000V also features individual Level, Bass, Treble, Reverb Level and Master Volume knobs that allow for precise tonal control over the reverb signal. By manipulating these five controls, a variety of reverb palettes can be attained, from the natural tone a lively room to the monstrous echoes of the largest arena; from traditional bouncy spring sounds to the otherworldly dimension of the largest plates.

To round the package off, the FR3000V includes a Direct Bypass switch that allows for Dry/Reverb mix or Reverb only output signals. Remote bypass is possible using an optional footswitch (Guyatone SB-2 recommended), and the FR3000V has dual front/rear inputs to allow for mounting in a rack or road case.

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