Fishman Defines The Art Of Acoustic Effects With AFX Pedals

The new AFX pedals from Fishman are the first effects specifically designed for the acoustic guitar with all of the tonal nuances, rich natural sound and attention to detail that only a company with over 25 years experience in the field can bring to this type of device.

Available in Chorus, Delay and Reverb models, AFX is designed to provide the most sophisticated effects combinations imaginable, allowing acoustic players to shape new tones without adversely affecting the signature sound of their instruments.

Easy to use and built for the stage with rugged all-metal construction, each AFX pedal features 8 effect presets, a Level knob, two effect-adjustment controls for more precise tone modification and a bypass foot switch. An all-analog, buffered bypass path preserves the guitar’s tone when bypassed. The level control only adds the effect in parallel to the input to avoid overly extreme or unnatural sounds. The AFX pedals also feature 24 bit A/D/A and 32-bit processing for the highest audio quality; 1/4 inch stereo ins and outs; an Input Gain switch that adds level boost while maintaining unity gain; a Clip light that also shows when the battery is low and 9Volt battery or wall-mount adaptor powering.

AFX • Chorus presets include 3 choruses, stereo and mono tremolos, flanger, phaser and rotary speaker. All of the effects share a Tone control to tailor highs and lows and a Speed control, which works as a slow/fast switch for the rotary speaker effect. The presets can provide intense effects, but are designed to marry the resonances of each effect with the resonant nature of the instrument, especially effective when used live or in conjunction with Fishman’s Aura Acoustic Imaging processor. As with all three pedals, the design objective was to create highly usable effects that can be pushed to extremes, but only if desired.

Highly controllable, the AFX • Delay pedal features two effect types, “Modern” for ultra-clean delay effects and “Classic” for the warmer tone found in analog delay pedals, Each has 4 presets which affect the amount of delay that the Delay Time knob controls, including Short (up to 350ms), Medium (up to 1.5sec), Long (up to 2.9sec), and Pong, the popular stereo “ping pong” delay. The pedal also features a Repeats knob that lets you set the number of echoes you hear. The AFX • Delay also includes a Tap feature with foot switch input that lets the player create eighth, dotted eighth or quarter notes automatically, and a Delay Hold feature for short phrase-sampling that lets you play along with short loops.

Featuring natural-sounding Studio, Room, Plate, Chamber, Stage, Concert Hall, Cathedral and Canyon reverb settings, the AFX • Reverb is a staple for any acoustic guitarist’s on stage effects repertoire. As with the other AFX pedals, the reverbs are designed to provide exactly the right amount of effect control without becoming too extreme or masking the sound of the instrument. Designed to preserve the tone of acoustic instruments, the Reverb creates an ample but believable sense of space and depth without overwhelming the instrument. A Decay Time knob allows the user to control the overall time it takes for the effect to disappear while the Tone knob subtly adjusts the reverb from dark, warm sounds to brighter tones.

MSRP for AFX: $389.95
Street Price: $249.95

About Fishman
Widely recognized as the premier designer and manufacturer of acoustic amplification products, Fishman products are found in the hands of many of the world’s top acoustic performers. Founder Larry Fishman’s innovative and unique approach to engineering and building amplification products over the past 25 years has led to the granting of twenty-seven patents. Today Fishman products are sold both to original equipment manufacturers and to the music-playing public through a worldwide network of musical instrument dealers and distributors.

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