First Annual New York Amp Show

Sat, May 5, 2007 10:00am-6:00pmEmbassy Suites Hotel 121 Centennial Ave Piscataway, New Jersey 08854This consumer event is the East Coast version of the highly successful LA Amp shows.

Manufacturers will be able to demonstrate within their own private rooms where musicians can come to plug in and play through the largest gathering of tone machines ever assembled on the East Coast. Also, making its East Coast debut will be the “Tone Wizards” seminar, a major attraction of the LA shows.

Those signed on so far include Myles Rose, Andy Fuchs, Dave Hunter, Bruce Egnater, Paul Rivera. More TBA.

There will be over 40 exhibitors including: 65amps, Fargen, J. Design Cabs, Marshall, Celestion, Vox, Komet, Bruno, Matchless, Valvetrain, Fuchs, Goodsell, Hoffman, Valvetech, Tube Wonder, JCA Circuits, Reinhardt, Lapdancer, Camo Cabs, Egnater, VooDoo, Headstrong, Doug’s Tubes Sommatone, Lindy Fralin, Kasha, Tech 21, Industrial, Guytron, Top Hat, Stoneage Cabs, Ugly Amps, Straub, Goodtone, Kahler, Pedaltrain, Pro Stage Gear, Goodtone, Mad Professor, BJF Pedals, Ruokangas, Barge, Concepts, Peavey, Rivera, R.C. Davis, Talos, Gadow, and much more.

There will also be prizes from Vox, Goodsell, Fuchs, Tech21,WCR, RSGuitarworks, Scumback, RC Davis and more.

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