FHfx Presents: The Hugger

Dual-Boost Loop Pedal With Two Versions Now Available ...
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The Hugger by FH(fx) is a brand new boost design, created by FH(fx) and developed with Mellowtone. The pedal has two toggle-switchable boost stages and a toggle-switchable true bypass loop in between them! It can be run as a single-stage boost, a dual-stage boost, used to overdrive inputs or adjust/correct outputs (easily push pedals into overdrive or fix volume drops!)

It is now available in both standard and one-of-a-kind hand-painted versions and can be purchased at FuzzHugger.com (also a dealer for Mellowtone, Pro Tone, and Devi Ever).

The Hugger is a new pedal design—the first of its kind—but it's also a very practical, multi-use boost pedal. Designed for pedal geeks, serious musicians, and studio techs' toolbags.

Multi-Function Uses:

Single-stage boost.
Dual-stage boost (with boost and master controls).
True bypass loop with a pre-boost and post-boost.
Pedal awakener—Put a pedal in the loop—drive its input and/or adjust its output volume without changing its tone (fix a pedal's volume drop).
Two separate boosts. Put a few pedals in the loop and use it like two separate boost pedals.

Introductory prices:

$109 for standard hand-painted or labeled versions.
$119 for deluxe model (Hugger+) with top-mounted loop jacks and enclosures by pedalenclosures.com.

For more information, visit their web site atfuzzhugger.com.