Fender Introduces The B-DEC 30 Bass Digital Entertainment Center

Fender is proud to announce the introduction of the new B-DEC™ 30 Bass Digital Entertainment Center—the latest amplifier to join Fender''s amazingly successful lineup of fully featured digital playing experiences. Combining full instrument backing tracks, a host of bass amplifier and effect models, and a comprehensive method book detailing each preset, the new B-DEC™ 30 is the amplifier that every bassist should own!
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More than just a great sounding, versatile bass amplifier, the new B-DEC™ 30 makes practicing fun. Performance presets are examples of various musical styles, most having an "A" section followed by a drum fill, leading into a "B" section which changes the chords and rhythm. This element of transition is essential to developing bass playing instincts.

Teacher presets are designed to deliver the basics, with a guide bass track and a drum kit to keep you playing in time. Topics covered in these presets include: warm up exercises, scales, intervals, arpeggios, rhythm studies, slap-and-pop style bass playing exercises and more.

Each preset inside the B-DEC™ 30 is represented in the method book. Along with a transcription of the bass line in both musical notation and tablature, the method book also provides insight for the player in regard to technique, music theory and the main objective for each piece of music. The player can learn the recorded bass track or mute the bass track and create their own part.

To maximize the music inside the B-DEC™ 30, two very cool features have been created; Auto-Key and Tempo Creep. Auto-Key transposes the music by a pre-determined interval (user selectable) each time the performance repeats. This allows for playing each preset in all keys, forcing the player to mentally transpose the music in their head. Tempo Creep increases the tempo (user selectable between 1-10 BPM) each time the performance repeats. This provides a gradual increase in difficulty, perfect for working musical examples up to fast tempos.

Said Jay Piccirillo, Marketing Manager for Fender Bass Amplification, "The role of the bass player is focused on holding a band together. The B-DEC™ 30 provides access to a full band able to play a variety of styles in any key, at any tempo, at any time, as well as a patient teacher to help solidify the basics. No other playing experience can provide so much fun while quickly improving the skills of the player."

The B-DEC™ 30 is a 30 Watt bass combo with a 10" speaker and high frequency piezo horn providing low-end thump and top-end clarity for both the bass and the programmed music backing tracks. It features front & rear instrument inputs for multiple players, a headphone output for silent practice, Line Out for recording or PA applications, an AUX input for use with a CD or MP3 device, and MIDI In and Out ports to send and receive MIDI songs, and to facilitate future software upgrades from Fender.

The revolutionary new B-DEC™ 30 will be introduced at this summer's NAMM show in Austin, Texas, where it can be seen and heard for the first time at Fender's booth. Orders will be taken at the show, and the B-DEC™ 30 will begin shipping to dealers in September, 2006.

For more information, visit their web site at www.fender.com.