Fender Introduces New Acoustasonic Combo Amps

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Fender is proud to introduce new additions to the top-selling Acoustasonic amp series. With new tonal innovations and exciting features, the new Acoustasonic 100 Combo and Acoustasonic 150 Combo (pictured) amps are now lighter, louder and more fully-featured than their predecessors.

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The Acoustasonic 100 and Acoustasonic 150 Combo amps are perfect for the acoustic guitarist who needs a light, loud, versatile and flexible amp. These amplification masterpieces allow for a pristine and natural-sounding reproduction of electric-acoustic guitar.

Both amps are equipped with an all-new Voicing control that lets any guitar simulate the tonality of parlor, dreadnought and jumbo acoustics, expanding the sonic horizon of the instrument. For tonal purists, Voicing can also be turned off for pure amp output response.

This new, versatile Voicing control feature also supports acoustic players who double on electric guitar. It includes Blackface, tweed and British amp settings, which makes a second amp just for electric guitar unnecessary.

The new ultra-efficient Acoustic 100 Combo, 100-watt power amp includes an 8" foam-surround low-frequency driver and high-frequency tweeter, allowing for crystal clarity and high fidelity. The Acoustasonic 150, 150-watt, stereo power amp is equipped with two 8" foam-surround, low-frequency drivers and high-frequency tweeter, allowing for increased volume and improved acoustic tonality.

Additional features on both amps include instrument and microphone channels with independent EQ and effects controls; new feedback elimination control with on/off switch for each channel; patented String Dynamics control that tames harsh treble notes; effects including reverb, delay, chorus, Vibratone, and more; XLR line out with level control and ground lift; stereo effects loop and a USB connector for digital recording output.

The Acoustasonic 100 Combo is available at authorized Fender dealers for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $559.99. The Acoustasonic 150 Combo is available at authorized Fender dealers for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $699.99. For more information, and to locate a dealer near you, go to www.fender.com.