Fender 57 Twin-Amp Giveaway!

Mercury Magnetics, maker of exceptional guitar amplifier transformers, is giving away a new Fender ’57 Twin-Amp valued at $2,999.00. The amplifier has been donated by Fender as part of a transformer awareness promotion. All musicians are encouraged to enter the drawing. There’s nothing to buy—but all entrants must fill out and submit a simple questionnaire via mail, email or from Mercury’s website.
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Mercury’s golden-voiced transformers are acclaimed for their sound-enhancing properties. Quality magnetics virtually eliminates a phenomenon known as ear fatigue—making playing or listening to amplified guitar an even more pleasurable experience. Prior to Mercury’s involvement little was known about the vital role of magnetics in guitar amplification. Many of today’s best-sounding guitar amplifiers are equipped with or have upgraded aftermarket magnetics by Mercury. And, Mercury supplies transformers for boutique guitar amplifier builders around the world.

Naturally Fender chose Mercury when they rolled back the clock to build their completely hand-wired, all-tube ’57 Twin-Amp. Mercury worked directly with Fender under a “spare no expense, no-holds-barred” directive to create the best-sounding transformers money could buy. The result is an amp that many top players—including Eric Clapton—have added to their on-stage arsenals.

According to Mercury’s Sergio Hamernik, “The passion for tube amplifier tone has never been greater. Players are just beginning to realize that an amplifier’s true sonic capabilities can be revealed only through superior transformer design and build quality. That’s our mission at Mercury Magnetics. We live in exciting times when an industry icon such as Fender shares our commitment of a no-compromise response to the demands of the informed and fastidious musician.”

The ’57 Twin-Amp’s harmonically rich, clean and overdriven tones are perfect for a broad spectrum of music styles. Mercury is proud to have been part of this exclusive, built-in-the-USA project for Fender. All entries must be received by Friday the 10th of November, 2006. For a complete contest rules and deadline information, visit www.MercuryMagnetics.com.