Fargen Amplification, Soloway Guitars Team Up for New Amp

The Soloway Classics by Fargen Amplification are point-to-point, hand wired tube amplifiers, designed from the ground up to be the perfect match for the Soloway Swan long neck guitars. They are created to do one thing and one thing only: warm, clean tone at all volume levels.
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The Soloway Classic was designed for simplicity, convenience and ease of use. They are one channel, non-master volume amplifiers with the most basic controls possible to do the job right: volume, reverb, treble, mid and bass. The tone controls are powerful and voiced for shaping the amp's clean tones. It also provides extension cabinet support for those gigs where more volume is needed and a line out for easy and convenient recording.

The Soloway Classic amplifier is available in two models: a 1x10 combo and a head. A separate preamp will also be available in the third quarter of 2005.


  • 50 watt power section
  • Front Panel Layout & Equalization - Volume, Reverb, Treble, Mid, Bass
  • Class - AB push-pull with adjustable fixed bias
  • Tube Complement: (2) 12AX7 (ElectroHarmonix); (2) 12AT7 (JJ); (2) 6L6GC/5881 (JJ)
  • Solid State Rectifier
  • All tube driven reverb circuitry
  • Mogami high end shielded wire on all critical audio signal runs
  • 1/4 line level output
  • Hand crafted pine cabinet
  • Cream tolex covering, wheat grill, white piping, chrome hardware and padded leather handle
  • 300 Watt, 8 ohm Eminence Delta Light (Neodymium) speaker
  • 4 + 8 ohm speaker output

For more information, visit their web site at www.fargenamps.com.