Famed Italian Luthier Fabio Ragghianti Debuts Radical Classical Guitar Line

Italian luthier Fabio Ragghianti has announced a new U.S. company, Ragghianti Guitars

Italian luthier Fabio Ragghianti has announced a new U.S. company, Ragghianti Guitars, based in Boulder, Colorado to distribute his new line of hand-crafted instruments which incorporate the most progressive features of his custom guitars at a more affordable price.

The Radical Classical line features lattice top bracing and a thinner soundboard for more powerful resonance. The guitars employ a multi-scale fret system for improved tonal balance, a raised fingerboard for easy access to the higher registers plus a personal side sound port. Each of the new instruments is built under the strict instructions and supervision of Mr. Ragghianti by an experienced luthier team in China which he personally visits to inspect the building process. The new model is handcrafted by this team using the same techniques as his custom guitars but now made available to a much wider market.

With a retail price starting under $2500, each of the new Ragghianti models is hand crafted to the award winning luthier's uncompromising standards, using only high quality solid woods. The soundboard can be chosen in Canadian Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) or in Canadian Sitka Spruce (Picea Sitchensis). The back and sides are in solid Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia).

"Until now only a small group of professionals had the opportunity to own one of Fabio's superb instruments," said Bob Lang, Co-Founder of Ragghianti Guitars. "We are now able to offer the results of Fabio's 30 years of guitar-building experience, with its unique blend of tradition, research, and innovation, to many more players."

A native of Tuscany, Italy where he trained and works today, Fabio Ragghianti has gained the respect of many renowned musicians, among them Italian composer and guitarist. Alessio Monti. Commenting on Fabio Ragghianti's guitar design, Mr. Monti stated, "Ragghianti guitars have the sound I've always wanted, powerful and sweet at the same time. It is perfect for both classical and avant-garde music. This is the true voice of the modern guitar."

For more information, visit their web site at www.ragghiantiguitars.com.