12-string acoustic guitars are beasts unto themselves.
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12-string acoustic guitars are beasts unto themselves. With their wide necks and close string spacing, playing one accurately can be a challenge, and when it come to tuning— well, plan on spending most of your break getting that task done. The F-212XL STD definitely provides these challenges, but man, what a sound! The combination of a spruce top with solid mahogany back and sides yields an immensely clear and complex tone, and with all of those micro tuning differences between the string pairs adding their own quasi-chorusing effects, the sonic result is spectacular to say the least.

The F-212XL is a handsome instrument that features nicely figured woods, neat ivoroid binding, bone bridge pins, and a rosewood facing on its extended length headstock. It’s also a handful to play, but that’s no fault of the setup, which is excellent. The strings are riding about as close to the deck as they dare without causing buzz, and the intonation is very tuneful up and down the neck. It might take a little effort to get accustomed to the feel of this big guitar, but to hear all those strings singing in harmony is a truly thing of beauty.

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