Evidence Audio™ Introduces The Monorail™ Installation Signal Cable

Evidence Audio, award-winning supplier of performance-based cable products to the Music Instrument and Studio market, introduces the Monorail installation cable. The Monorail is an analog audio cable whose primary application is the transfer of a single channel of analog audio in small/tight spaces such as on pedal boards, inside racks and in studio consoles.The Monorail has an outer diameter of 0.155". This compact size allows it to be used with most available plugs. The best long-term results come from using a soldered connection however many customers will appreciate the fact that this cable is backwards-compatible with many solder-less ¼" phone plugs on the market today. There is a large installed base of pedal boards and racks where a customer can make a quick upgrade to his rig by simply replacing the cable between his existing plugs. The Monorail makes a solid electrical and mechanical connection but with the outstanding sonic qualities offered by its superior materials and d

The Monorail incorporates fundamental features pioneered by Evidence Audio that allow signal transmission with minimal degradation. It is designed to pass audio with as little change as possible for an honest presentation of associated equipment. A few of the features of The Monorail Cable are:

  • Compact size-- For use in tight spaces
  • Solid Core primary conductor -- Eliminates the electromagnetic effects of strand interaction, resulting in dynamic bass response and focused midrange
  • IGL™ (Increased Grain Linearity) Copper -- Overcomes distortions caused by copper impurities and allows high frequencies to be extended while still smooth and musical
  • Spiral shield with perfect conductor geometry -- Minimizes strand interaction on the ground path relative to braided shields which can collapse dimensionality
  • 98% Shield coverage -- Outstanding noise rejection in any environment

The Monorail is not recommended for use as an instrument cable; the Melody, Lyric and Lyric HG are better suited for that application. The Monorail is best suited for fixed installations where the cable will not be moved and the priority is great sound in a small package. The Monorail will be available through most Evidence Audio dealers starting November 2007.