Essential Equipment for Every Bassist

A lavish celebration of the electric bass, The Bass Handbook—The Complete Guide to Mastering the Bass Guitar offers a comprehensive approach to learning and understanding the instrument, complete with a companion CD and full-color photo gallery depicting the bass’s history and greatest players.
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This indispensable compendium helps players of all levels produce better and more creative bass lines. The author offers an in-depth exploration of the history and workings of amps, speakers, pickups, and effects, with a selection of essential gear old and new spotlighted in full-page breakouts, many in full color. In the technique section, bassists learn about tuning, reading music, scales and chords, and advanced techniques. Along with a suggested-listening list and reference guide, The Bass Handbook provides an unrivaled collection of bass information, one that otherwise might take an entire career to amass. The included CD has 80-plus tracks of exercises and examples.

Adrian Ashton has 20 years’ experience as a player, teacher, and writer. A graduate of the Bass Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, he was the founding editor of the UK’s Bass Guitar Magazine.