Endorsees Flocking to Planet Waves

Professional musicians the world over are flocking to Planet Waves’ endorsee roster, spurred on by the intense word-of-mouth that Planet Waves cables have generated in the industry.

Peter Frampton says, “Planet Waves cables give me the confidence in knowing that I’m always getting the best connection I can get—the sound speaks for itself!” In the past year alone, several world-renowned artists, both legends like Frampton and rising stars from a wide variety of genres, have come on board at Planet Waves. Besides Frampton, new Planet Waves endorsees include jazz guitar legend John Scofield, guitarist/songwriter Lenny Kravitz, guitarists Jim Root and Mick Thomson of nü-metal giants Slipknot, former Megadeth guitarists and Favored Nations solo artist Marty Friedman, jazz/funk guitarist Eric Krasno of Soulive, and Allman Brothers Band guitarist Warren Haynes, among others.

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