Elliott Randall To Auction Six Guitars on November 27, 2008

Randall: I was recently approached by London's FAME BUREAU - the auction house that has handled some of Jimi's best-known guitars, numerous instruments, manuscripts and memorabilia from The Beatles, The Doors, Sinatra, Springsteen, Elvis ...and some of the best poster art ever. They'd heard that I was looking at the possibility of auctioning off a few of my beauties, so following a meeting with Ted Owen, we have decided that FAME BUREAU can have the pleasure of swinging the gavel.
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The auction will be held in London on November 27th, beginning at 6 p.m. London time [1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST] And ain't technology grand! Anyone with an Internet connection can participate - so c'mon and join the fun :-) Bidding in advance is cool

This is a truly special one-of-a-kind instrument, hand-made by White Plains based custom guitar maker, Giuliano Balestra. Giuliano is Buck (Blue Oyster Cult) Dharma's fave guitar maker! This Vulcan incorporates the best features of both a Fender Telecaster, and a Gibson Les Paul. The vast tonal range, coupled with a lovely action, are a dream come true!??I have used this fine instrument in countless live performances, and recordings including the theme for the motion picture Fame, as well as records by Carly Simon, Peter Wolf, and many more. ??The physical condition is quite fine - there are a few little 'dings' on the body (mostly the back).

I bought this surfer's delight in 1974, upon joining Sha Na Na. As the act was a good-humored spoof of the earliest rock music (Bill Haley & his Comets, Elvis, Ritchie Valens, Sam Cooke et al), it made sense for me to use this guitar which was so 'true' to the era. ??So it was off to New York's Tin Pan Alley - where I purchased this 1965 highly collectable Pre-CBS Fender Jazzmaster. All parts are original; the sunburst finish gave way to the gold metalflake finish that I had custom-designed and sprayed to suit the character of Sha Na Na's stage show.??This instrument has appeared on hundreds of stages with me, as well as numerous television shows. One notable performance in which that guitar shone (no pun intended) was the famous Saturday Night Live episode in which Gilda Radner played 'Candy Slice' - parodying Patty Smith ...also called the 'tootskie' skit. ??trivia: The ER initials were my own small laugh as we all had stage persona names differing from our real names. I chose Enrico Ronzoni, thereby at least retaining my initials.

No story - straight trade with a guitarist friend for various pieces of my electronics hardware. This instrument epitomizes the mid-years (vintage) Tele. A lovely axe.

My very first 'world-class' electric guitar (following on from my Harmony Meteor). I purchased this at Manny's Music NYC in 1962, and was transfixed by the subtle tonal range of this hollow body electric. The De Armond pickups are absolute classics. In 1963-4, in my tenure as musical director for The Capris ('There's a Moon Out Tonight'), it saw a lot of stage action. It has a special sound, and as such, it was part of my "studio-super-guitar-road-case" for many years.

This is another from my "studio-super-guitar-road-case" - for use in hard-rockin' music! When the client wanted that overboard sound, this is the axe I'd reach for. Designed by Rick Excellente to be a 'next-step' in solid body electric guitars' technology, his body design incorporates an internal metal rod. The idea for the metal piecing on the body was to properly balance the response of the treble strings to the bass strings. By utilizing the metal inserts, the body doesn't need as much mass for resonance and therefore can be thinned out substantially. For an instrument of its size and width to be able to vibrate for such a long period of time is quite remarkable. And its lines are so sexy!??It should be noted that, in all probability, not many Showsters did see the light of day before the demise of Kramer. So you could call this one a bit of a 'rarie'.

Only a limited number of these fine instruments are custom made each year. The Brian Moore Company came to me in their first year of production, and asked for my advice on their instruments, and for my endorsement. So for starters, I had this one built to my personal specifications - I left my '63 strat with them for several weeks, explaining which characteristics I wanted them to hone in on and emulate, and gave them some other ideas to pursue as well. They did a great job. The pickups are extremely sweet and responsive; having said that, its treble pickup will bite hard if that's what you want ...and the space-age-material body is virtually indestructible! This MC-1 is, in my opinion, quite the 21st century instrument. The future has arrived. The serial number is 450 - not because it was the 450th guitar, but because they asked me if I'd like to choose a serial number, and since 9 is my lucky number ...well, do the math.

The link to the online auction is here. Check it out now for deets. Be prepared!!