Elliot Holden

Age: 30Style: Progressive rock, blues, neo-classicalInfluences: Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck, Wayne Krantz, Jimi HendrixMain Guitar: Fender StratocasterLocation: Augusta, GA
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Background: A guitarist since the age of 14, Holden had a musical epiphany upon seeing the movie Crossroads in 1988. “The guitar solo that [film star] Ralph Macchio played [which was actually performed by Steve Vai] changed my musical tastes forever,” he explains. Hearing Eric Johnson was another ear opener, and Holden began to explore instrumental rock in greater depth.

A guitar teacher at Rock Bottom Music in Augusta, Holden saves the weekends for gigging with his band, the Elliot Holden Group. He has released two CDs independently—We Be Delicious (2002) and Radiance (2005)—selling them at gigs, cdbaby.com, and iTunes.

Holden is a very melodic soloist with great phrasing and technical prowess. With deep roots in Hendrix and Eric Johnson, he is one of the most promising new guitarists to submit a CD to Spotlight this year.

Contact: eh@elliotholden.com