Elixir Strings Strikes A Chord In Taylor Guitars T5 Electric 12-String Guitar

Taylor Guitars, leading high-end guitar manufacturer, has further enhanced its T5 Electric/Acoustic line with a 12-string model. The new model features Elixir® Strings new Anti-Rust Electric Strings for 12-string guitar to ensure maximum tone longevity.
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David Hosler of Taylor Guitars says that Elixir® Strings play an integral role in supporting Taylor Guitars’ objective to offer the market an electric 12-string guitar that you might actually play for more than one or two songs. “Although some of the electric 12-string string sets on the market were close to what we had in mind, none of them were perfect for insuring the playability and intonation we were designing into the guitar. The tone and longevity of Elixir Electric strings made them a perfect choice for this project.”

While Elixir® Strings new electric 12-string set was developed at Taylor Guitars’ request, it is compatible with any 12-string guitar, delivering the fresh feel and bright tone of Elixir® Strings six-string sets with the benefits of greater string endurance that last three to five times longer than ordinary strings.

As any guitarist with 12-string experience can attest, changing strings on a 12-string guitar is a time-consuming and sometimes difficult process. Using Elixir® Strings new Anti-Rust Electric 12-String set, players can now enjoy the bright tone and punch of uncoated strings for a greater period of time, reducing the frequency of string replacement.

The new set is comprised of eight Anti-Rust Plated Plain Steel Strings and four wound strings featuring Elixir® Strings ultra-thin NANOWEB® Coating technology. The thin NANOWEB® Coating is nearly undetectable – providing the feel of traditional strings. The new electric 12-string set is offered in a Light Gauge configuration, with eight plain and four wound strings. The gauges are: .010, .010, .013, .013, .017, .009, .026w, .012, .036w, .018, .046w, and .026w.

“Twelve-string guitars need long life strings,” comments Craig Theorin, product manager, Elixir® Strings. “The time-consuming process of replacing twelve strings can be a frustrating exercise; our Anti-Rust Electric Strings will not only diminish the need for string-set changes, but will dramatically improve the playing experience between changes with a more consistent crisp tone and feel.”

Elixir® Strings Anti-Rust Electric Strings for 12-string guitar carry an MSRP of $19.99.

About Taylor Guitars

Established in 1974, Taylor Guitars has evolved from a small venture between co-founders Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug to the world's most successful and highly regarded manufacturer of high-end acoustic guitars. Many popular musicians in contemporary music currently use Taylor Guitars, including Prince, Dave Matthews, Clint Black, Jewel, Jason Mraz, U2, R.E.M., Kenny Loggins, Alan Jackson, Nanci Griffith, Maroon 5, and Alanis Morissette.

About Elixir® Strings

Elixir® Strings is the pioneer in coated string technology and is available in two string ‘flavors.’ Ultra-thin NANOWEB® Coating provides the bright tone and punch of uncoated strings, yet keep their lively tone three to five times longer than ordinary strings. The thin coating is nearly undetectable – providing the feel of traditional strings. Elixir® Strings with original POLYWEB® Coating also sound great three to five times longer than ordinary strings, have a balanced tone with smooth response, feel comfortably smooth, and reduce finger squeak. Elixir® Strings are available in a full range of gauges for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, banjo, and mandolin.

Today, Elixir® Strings are installed as original equipment by a growing list of discriminating electric guitar and bass manufacturers including Ibanez, Tom Anderson Guitarworks, Brian Moore Guitars, Carvin, Melancon Guitars as well as premium acoustic guitar luthiers such as Taylor Guitars, Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Alvarez-Yairi, Lakewood Guitars, RainSong Graphite Guitars, Carvin, and Goodall Guitars. Elixir® Strings are endorsed by popular artists such as Melissa Etheridge, Train, Dave Mason, Michael W. Smith, Jim Messina, Christopher Cross, Bob Seger, and Drowning Pool.

Elixir® Strings are manufactured by W.L. Gore & Associates, the company widely known for such innovations as GORE-TEX® fabrics. For more information, please visit www.elixirstrings.com.