Elixir Announces Its Custom String Shop For Electric Bass

Elixir® Strings announces a whole new way to buy electric bass strings. With its Custom String Shop for electric bass strings, players now have the freedom to customize five and six string sets and are no longer forced to buy preset string gauges. Players can now gauge unique or traditional string sets based on their specific gauge requirements.

By liberating its four string foundation sets from the fifth and sixth strings, Elixir® Strings Custom String Shop now makes building a custom five or six string bass set easier than ever. All players need to do is select a four string foundation set and add unique single packaged custom low B and high C gauges or use color coded traditional gauges.

Elixir® Strings Custom String Shop for electric bass strings will offer four string foundation sets and single-packaged Low B and High C strings in Super Light, Light, Medium and Heavy gauges.

For more information, visit their web site at www.elixirstrings.com.