Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff

This latest incarnation of the Little Big Muff ($89 retail/$66 street) is entirely different than the single-knob late-’70s pedal of the same name. Rather, it is a recreation of the 1970 Big Muff in a smaller and sturdier case, with surface-mount components, true-bypass switching, and a 2.5m barrel-style power supply jack instead of the mini-plugs found on older EH pedals. I tested it alongside a prime example of an early-’70s Big Muff for comparison (bearing in mind that the sound of vintage Big Muffs can vary greatly).

The vintage Muff had slightly more gain, was a tad crispier sounding in the midrange, and its Tone control responded slightly differently—but, otherwise, the Little Big Muff nailed its sound. All of the big hairy buzz, over-the-top sustain, and wild overtones that define the classic Muff sound were present, and the Little Big Muff actually had tighter lows and a smoother and more dynamic overall response that I preferred to the original.

Sounds like an early-’70s Big Muff. True-bypass switching. 2.5m barrel-style power supply jack.


(718) 397-8300; ehx.com