Editor Boy's Big Eight(4)

GUITAR PLAYER INVITES all D.I.Y. artists and bands to share their guitar skills with our reader community. This opportunity is open to any player/band with a Web site or MySpace page that has their music posted. All you have to do is go to myspace.com/guitarplayermag, add the magazine as a friend, and invite “Editor Boy” to your music space. If you’re not on MySpace, simply send an invite to mmolenda@musicplayer .com. I’ll check out your tracks and determine whether you get coverage in this column. Tracks are evaluated for creativity, composition, guitar chops, and audio-production quality—or you may make the cut simply because your track is surprising, interesting, or brilliantly awful. Good luck!

Lisa Gallego, Stockton, California “Hard Love”

Play the live video, because the mp3 version is pretty tame. Gallego is no shouter, but her smoky, slightly detached, and plaintive delivery is quite mysterious and seductive. Guitarist Joe Bettencourt has a marvelously gritty and articulate tone, and he really knows how to play in between the spaces. myspace.com/lisagallego

Lovewhip Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts “Virtual Booty Machine”

Okay, this cracked me up, so I’m sharing it with y’all. It’s an excellent play on ’80s electropop with echoes of the Flying Lizards’ “Money”—although vocalist/guitarist Erin Harpe is a bit more tuneful. No heavy guitar, here, but if you spin it, you may catch yourself dancing in your mirror. myspace.com/lovewhip

Patrick Vega Los Angeles, California “No One”

Vega calls himself part of “The New Generation of Instrumental Rock Guitar,” but whether he commands that generation may depend upon putting his impressive chops in the service of some truly astounding melodies. There are some beautiful lines here—and he uses texture and dynamics to good effect—but no jaw-droppers. myspace.com/patrickvega

Patricio Tomaselli Buenos Aires, Argentina “Resurreccion”

The intro pits a distorted guitar riff against a spiky keyboard, and all hell breaks loose from there. Tomaselli masterfully pumps up the excitement levels by shifting gears while always pinning the intensity meter, and every part of the journey is either delightfully melodic or rhythmically powerful and catchy. myspace.com/pattomaselli

Jimmy Wolf Rome, New York “My Mind Is Rambling”

This is a really conventional blues romp with zero surprises, so why do I dig it? Well, it’s the little things. Wolf’s guitar tone is tough and mean, his vocals have a gravelly swagger, and the solo at 1:15 fires off with some noisy bends and keeps on howling. myspace.com/jimmywolf

Pat Murphy Nashville, Tennessee “Andy Griffith Ditty”

Ah, yes, when you want to cool down after blasting savage tracks all day, nothing does it like a smooth and easy rendition of the Andy Griffith Show theme. Murphy’s light touch and cagey phrasing make sure the melody wraps around you like a warm blanket. Now where’s my fishin’ pole? myspace.com/murff1954

Mr. Fastfinger Finland “Ninja Slides in Action”

Mr. Fastfinger only posts snippets, so you only get a few moments of his madness, and that may be all you can handle. He takes a whimsical and wacky approach on “Ninja,” and while he can play, it’s not the full-on shredfest you might expect. File this under “Guilty pleasure.” myspace.com/guitarshredshow

Dermacterflugn Duncan, Oklahoma “The Wah in Me”

Okay, I like noisy stuff—you all know that—and this month’s fave is this poorly recorded, but nonetheless kind of relentlessly beguiling onslaught of wah-manipulated lunacy. Somehow, the piece ebbs and flows on its own terms, and its limitations and miscues work together to produce something driving and, well, heavy. myspace.com/slicedpickles