Eden DC112XLT & Nemesis NC410

Eden, a company that began as a live sound reinforcement speaker manufacturer in the mid ’70s, has focused exclusively on bass products since the late ’80s, establishing a solid reputation with its David Series cabinets and World Tour heads. In recent years, the company has also begun to manufacture smaller combo amps like the DC112XLT 1x12. Recognizing that many players on tight budgets covet its high-end heads and cabinets, in 1995 Eden launched its Nemesis line of lightweight, mid-priced combos. Though both the DC112XLT and Nemesis NC410 4x10 were designed to be portable, powerful, and versatile combo amps for pro and semi-pro bassists, Eden chose to voice them differently, emphasizing midrange for the DC112XLT and bass response for the NC410.
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