East West Announces “Real Guitar 2.0” From Best Service/ Music Lab

If you are serious about creating truly realistic sounding guitar for your songs, RealGuitar is just what you need. RealGuitar is a sample-based virtual instrument with an innovative approach to guitar sound modeling and guitar part performing on a keyboard. The brand new RealGuitar 2.0 update add the following features:

Pattern Manager

RealGuitar is now equipped with a powerful multi-functional built-in Pattern Manager letting you use the RG MIDI Pattern Library for creating guitar accompaniment parts in the whole new and convenient way.

• Pattern Tree view, allowing to find/select rhythm patterns right from RealGuitar.
• Pattern view, graphically presenting guitar 'Strokes' contained in the current rhythm pattern (differently colored 'Piano Roll' type bars allow to easily visualize Up/Down, Up/Down Muted, Slow Strums, individual string Strokes, etc.).
• Auditioning selected pattern by simply pressing chord on the external keyboard without starting your host sequencer, even with RealGuitar standalone run.
• Total synchronization with host's tempo, start/stop, beats, loop, time signature, etc.
• Drag'n'Drop selected pattern from Pattern window right to your host's MIDI track (pattern is automatically multiplied by the assigned number of measures).
• Real time pattern arranging (dramatic changing pattern performance on the fly):
o Add/reduce dynamics (velo+).
o Randomize dynamics.
o Apply velocity of trigger chord to pattern dynamics.
o Continuous dynamics changes (+/- velocity assigned to Pitch Bender controller).

Features added to Solo mode:

• Hammer-on, Pull-off.
• Hammer-on with automatic Pull-off on key release.
• Legato Slide (up and down) - automatic slide between any two pressed notes.
• Note-Off Repetition - automatically repeating the released note(s) to easily perform tremolo technique.
• 4 Key Switch FX keys (C1, C#1, D1, D#1) let you assign and use up to 4 various guitar effects in the same performance.
• 'Silent' Key Switch mode - allows switching to new sound (Key Switch FX) without muting the previous one (e.g. performing Harmonics over sustained bass note).
• Pedal Switch FX - switching to various guitar effects/articulations by pressing Sustain Pedal.