East UK Introduces Active Mid Range Control for Bass

The Mid Sweep 01, based on the mid stack of the J-Retro 01, consists of a dual concentric stacked knob where the lower ring sets the frequency and the upper knob controls the amount of boost or cut. The frequency sweep setting is variable in two ranges, from 100Hz - 1kHz or 200Hz - 2kHz, set by a switch on the circuit board. The boost/cut range is a minimum of ±12dB.

The Mid Sweep 01 can be used on its own or cascaded with other EQ modules. It can be used in conjunction with additional East UK products, or those from other manufacturers, where mid control could prove to be a useful enhancement. There is certainly a trend for the use of two mid controls, which allow increased flexibility in sculpting the crucial mid ranges of bass guitar in order to increase definition. To this end, two Mid Sweep 01s can be successfully cascaded, resulting in immense midrange tone shaping possibilities.

  • HARDWARE OPTIONS: Chrome, Black or Gold. (Can be mixed by special request)
  • CIRCUIT BOARD DIMENSIONS: 20.5 X 43.5.0 X 15.0mm (0.8" X 1.7" X 0.6")
  • MOUNTING: Requires 9.5mm (3/8") hole. Thread length 10.0mm (0.4")

For more information, visit their web site at www.east-uk.com.