EarBuzz.com Gives 100% Of CD Price To Artists, Announces New Exclusive Relationships

On March 17, 2005, from the Austin Convention Center at South by Southwest, earBuzz.com, the independent artist online music retailer, announced the artist payment portion of the business has been changed to provide 100% of the CD price back to artists. If a consumer buys a $12 CD, the artist will get $12. Artists name their own CD prices.
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The move makes earBuzz.com the most generous online music site on the net, providing artists more income than, in most cases, artists’ own sites. “Artists generally have to pay a share of the purchase price to processors on their own sites and most retailers take about half of the CD sale,” says founder Don Kimenker. “Today music buyers can feel good about buying a CD title at earBuzz.com knowing that their purchase supports the artist more than ever.”

Lucinda Fisher, Vice President of Marketing states, “We wanted to make it easier for artists to figure out their share of the purchase. We’ve always provided most of the sale to the artists but you can’t get much easier than all of it.”

EarBuzz.com also announced exclusive relationships extending services to artists with the top quality providers in each business space. Indie-Music.com, the top indie portal/services site, will provide their members discounts to earBuzz.com and make earBuzz.com their exclusive preferred retailer. Suzanne Glass, Indie-Music.com founder/editor states, “As a company that strives to further the interest of independent musicians, Indie-Music.com approves wholeheartedly with the 100% artist support offered at earBuzz.com, and we’re excited to offer exclusive earBuzz benefits to our Members.”

In addition, Allgood Designs—award-winning web designers for Warner Brothers, Sony, Lions Gate Films, and artists such as Billy Corgan—are providing exclusive discounted design packages to earBuzz artists. Arnett Designs, providers of satin and laminated tour passes to the world’s most popular music artists, are providing exclusive discounted packages to earBuzz artists as well. EarBuzz.com launched on July 4th, 1999, and since has provided 100% of the profit from the purchase price of artists’ CDs to the independent artists. It is the home of over 1,000 indie artist members and for a $45 membership fee, provides mp3 clips, bios, reviews, images, a dedicated URL for its artists, secure shopping, services, and an easy searchable listening experience for buyers of ‘the best music you’ve never heard.’

For more information, check out www.earBuzz.com.