Eagles Of Death Metal

Death By Sexy
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They ain’t death metal, and they sure as hell ain’t the opportunistic millionaires club that calls itself a rock band. In fact, Eagles of Death Metal have more in common musically with Little Richard than Venom. A side project of Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme (who produces and plays drums on Death By Sexy), E.O.D.M.’s driving force is guitarist/singer Jesse “The Devil” Hughes, a.k.a Boots Electric, a man whose slashing power chords and boogie sensibility are outdone only by his dead-serious, quivering falsetto. Tunes such as “Cherry Cola” and “I Want You Soo Hard (Boy’s Bad News),” rock with a vengeance, and the overall sonics of the record are head-and-shoulders better than the band’s rather strident sounding first effort. Now shush it and dance. (Downtown Records).