Eagle to Reissue Rainbow's Classic 'Live in Germany 1976' August 23


Get ready for a double dose of Rainbow when Eagle Rock Entertainment reissues Live In Germany 1976 in a special two-CD package [MSRP $17.98].

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The eight-song concert is the definitive early onstage statement of a great band whose personnel shape-shifted through the years. This particular lineup is looked upon as the primo Rainbow assemblage. Lead guitarist Ritchie Blackmore had left Deep Purple in 1975 to concentrate on a more personalized version of his vision, and did just that with legendary vocalist Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010), drummer Cozy Powell, bassist Jimmy Bain and keyboardist Tony Carey. (This lineup only recorded one album together: Rising, a landmark in British Rock.)

Performing flawlessly on elongated jam-happy versions of “Kill The King,” “Mistreated,” “Sixteenth Century Greensleeves,” “Catch The Rainbow” (disc #1), “Man On The Silver Mountain,” “Stargazer,” “Still I’m Sad” and “Do You Close Your Eyes” (disc #2), Blackmore fulfilled his every expectation. Filled with startling guitar solos and massive Dio lung power, Live In Germany 1976 is a band in full control of their capabilities.

Live In Germany 1976 has all the elements, showcasing a band truly immeasurable in their talent and musical abilities. One can only wonder what kind of magic could have been produced had this lineup stayed together.