Dytone DiAna Echo

Handmade in Germany, the Di’Ana ($549 retail/$399 street) is a lightweight digital delay that features true-bypass switching and comes with a classy blue velvet bag.
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Designed to emulate the warmth of analog, the Di’Ana limits delay time to the approximately 600ms found on many analog delays. The pedal offers two independent delay lines, but the organization of the controls can be baffling at first, as two sets of three knobs are positioned at an angle, with the order of the knobs (and the LEDs) reversed for each delay. In addition, the two delays cannot be used at the same time, so the Di’Ana is really a single delay with two presets—which is still very cool. There are no overlapping tails or tempo-change sounds when you switch between delays—you just go immediately from one to the other. The delay ranges are identical for both, but you can control the number of repeats on delay number two with an expression pedal.

The Di’Ana’s delays are neither sterile nor fecund with creative possibilities. Polite and utilitarian are terms that spring to mind. I recommend taking advantage of the expression pedal option, as it works quite well—particularly when producing spaceship sounds. This is a solid delay that sounds good and offers some nice features, though it is somewhat expensive.