Dunlop Introduces Strings and Slides for Acoustic Musicians

Adding to their ever-increasing line of instrument strings, Dunlop is proud to announce sets for banjo, mandolin, and resonator guitars. For acoustic blues players, Dunlop is releasing the Dunlop Glass Moonshine Slide.
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The Dunlop Banjo Set is constructed of high-grade nickel-plated steel or phosphor bronze for strings that sound crisp and punchy and are extremely durable. Our strings project loud and clear and have a smooth tactile feel. List price: $6.69.

The Dunlop Mandolin Set delivers brilliant and rich tone for a dynamic and expressive acoustic experience. Our premium grade wire combined with precise construction produce strings that are warm-sounding, but still provide detail and clarity in the upper mids for chunky rhythm sounds and clear lead lines. List price: $12.19.

Dunlop Resonator Guitar Strings are constructed of the finest phosphor bronze wire available in the perfect core-to-wrap ratio formula for a well-balanced set. This clear sounding set features bass strings that growl and treble strings that sing to perfectly display the dynamics of your playing style. An extra .018 string is included for “newgrass” players who need a more dynamic and durable string. List price: $12.19.

The Dunlop Glass Moonshine Slide combines the soulful sound of our popular Pyrex Glass Slide with the non-slip interior grip of our Ceramic Slides. Available in the ever popular 213 and 215 sizes, the Glass Moonshine Slide provides the warm and detailed top end of glass but with greater control due to the treated interior. The next step in the evolution of Glass Slides! List price: $19.50.

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