DST Amp-Cradle(2)

Over the last decade or so, more guitar players have begun exploring the once-forbidden realm of DIY amp maintenance, repair, and modification. Whether you’re cleaning a scratchy pot, adjusting the bias, or performing a more extensive mod, you’re sure to appreciate the DST Amp-Cradle ($69 direct only).

Constructed of solid poplar, the Amp-Cradle can securely support a chassis up to 30" long. The width is fully adjustable to ensure stable support for just about every chassis size, and you have the option of resting the chassis horizontally on the top or on the 45°-angled interior supports. The supporting surfaces are covered with cork to minimize slippage.

I found the Amp-Cradle to be especially handy when working on amps equipped with EL34s. These tubes are often taller than the amp’s transformers, so without the Amp-Cradle, I’d have to precariously balance the chassis on my workbench supported only by its transformers, and with the tubes hanging over the bench’s edge. A careless bump could send the chassis tumbling onto the floor, which could be quite dangerous when you’re working on an amp that’s under power. Besides providing stable support, the Amp-Cradle also provides plenty of clearance for the tubes to reduce the chance of breakage.

The Amp-Cradle is a real handy tool that can increase shop safety, reduce accidental damage, and make working on your amp a more pleasant experience. In my book, that’s quite a deal.