Drake Levin, World Class Guitarist, Hit Maker & Pop Star Passes Away

 July 4, 2009- Drake Levin, the youngest of the 60's Pop Stars Paul Revere and The Raiders, died this morning in San Francisco, at the age of 62, losing a bought with cancer that began in the 90's. 
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Drake was part of the Raider contingent discovered in Portland, OR in 1963 that grew from local popularity to National pop stardom on network television and the 1st Rock group signed to Columbia Records.

Drake, aka “The Kid”, was part of the 'Essential' Raider group, teamed with Paul Revere and vocalist Mark Lindsay, Bassist Phil “Fang” Volk and Drummer Mike “Smitty” Smith. Launching from Portland, OR in 1963, to network television on ABC's Dick Clark produced 'Where The Action Is' (1965-67) which led to National prominence and a string of major hits on Columbia Records.

Drakes' Double-Lead guitar solo on the Raiders 1st major hit "Just Like Me" was the first of its kind recorded, with many hits to follow. Paul Revere and The Raiders garnered four Gold Records in 1966-67alone, the most ever awarded a Columbia Records group until that time.

Drake and his 'stage-mate' Bassist Phil “Fang” Volk were two energetic players who developed rhythms and choreography that helped make the group so entertaining on Television and national concert venues, later copied by other Guitar/Bassist front men, coupled with the comic routines of Paul and 'Smitty' and the vocal successes of Raiders lead singer Mark Lindsay.

After leaving the Raiders in 1967, Drake, Phil and Mike Smith [also deceased] formed The Brotherhood and recorded for a time for RCA Records. However, their brightest and most significant moments were in recording and television as part of Paul Revere and The Raiders.

Drake last appeared at a reunion with the Raiders in Portland in 1997, thrusting him onstage with Mark Lindsay, Phil “Fang” Volk, and Mike “Smitty” Smith. He was known in the San Francisco area as an outstanding blues guitarist. He recently finished what was to be a great solo album, not yet released.

Drake leaves behind his wife Sandra and two sons. No memorial arrangements have been announced as of yet, but will be made known for those who remember this world class guitarist.

Roger Hart
Personal Manager/ PR&R Consultant
Paul Revere & The Raiders