Dr. Distorto Added to Line 6's ToneCore Pedal Family

New from Line 6 is the latest addition to the ToneCore series of stompboxes, Dr. Distorto. Building on Line 6''s effects from PODxt, DL4, and Vetta, the ToneCore pedals provide guitarists of all ages and playing styles, unique Line 6 tones, advanced sound and extraordinary control in a tough package.
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Dr. Distorto features simple yet versatile Level, Tone and Drive controls that deliver classic lead-type distortion tones. Unique to Dr. Distorto is the ability to achieve sustain at any distortion level using the harmonic feedback circuit with Rise, Fall, and Blend controls, plus selectable Off, Sustain, and Octave options. Dr. Distorto also features a built-in noise gate with selectable Off, Mild, and Clamp settings, and can be powered by a standard 9 Volt battery, or optional DC-1 power supply.

For more information, visit their web site at www.line6.com.