Doug Doppler

Diatonic Theory & Harmony
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If you’re a budding guitarist, there comes a point when you must ask yourself, “Do I want to know the names of the notes up and down the fretboard? Do I want to learn the workings of the modes? Do I want to understand chord theory?” Well, do ya, shredder? Because when you’re serious about learning this very useful information—which you should be, for it is the gateway to understanding harmony and music theory—then teacher, clinician, and Favored Nations recording artist Doug Doppler is the perfect guy to beat it into your head. Don’t worry, the clubbing won’t hurt a bit (though you may wake up in the middle of the night and find you’ve been chanting such patterns as “Root, 3, 5, 7,” and “whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half” in your sleep). Doppler will methodically go over—and over, and over—the laws of diatonic harmony until they’re hard-wired into your brain.

More valuable than Doppler’s ferocious chops—more valuable, even, than his decades of teaching experience (Doppler was personally tapped by Joe Satriani to take over Satch’s teaching studio when the emerging guitar hero embarked on his first major tour 20 years ago)—is Doppler’s natural gift as a motivational speaker. There’s no “I think you can” on this two-disc package. (An accompanying audio CD provides several jam tracks.) This seminar is 100 percent, “Oh yes you will, and here we go.” Encouraging to the last, the very personable Doppler is entirely confident of your success, and he addresses you like you’re a valued guest in his studio—think Mr. Rogers with a half-stack.