Double Your Pickup Tones With Pickup Tone Multiplier S2 Board Kit

The Pickup Tone Multiplier TM S2 Board KIT switching system lets you Hyper ModTM your two pickup right hand or left hand electric guitar or bass to instantly double the amount of Pure Virgin Analog pickup tones you can get
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The Pickup Tone Multiplier TM S2-Board KIT switching system lets you Hyper-ModTM your two-pickup right-hand or left-hand electric guitar or bass to instantly double the amount of Pure Virgin Analog pickup tones you can get with your instrument.

The S2-Board is based on AweSome Musical Instruments revolutionary patented Pickup Tone MultiplierTM (PTM) switching system. With only three switches on a 1.75” x 1.75” (4.45cm x 4.45cm) board, this product lets you instantly get 100 percent more pickup tones that are silently hiding in your instrument. Because this product gives you two times more pickup tones, you are better able to find that elusive Signature Sound you desperately want.

This KIT version is ideal for the Do-It-Yourselfer and will easily fit in virtually every 2-pickup instrument. It includes a solderless terminal strip to let you connect your two pickups and controls for easy installation. Installation instructions are via download, as well as many useful white papers from their growing document library.

AweSome Musical Instruments products are built around their unique Pickup Tone MultiplierTM switching system that lets you dramatically increase the Pure Virgin Analog tone power of your electric guitar or bass.

Installing this product instantly converts your instrument elevates it to an entirely new level. This product will let you emulate a huge number of well-known, famous sounds from your modified instrument ? and eliminate the need to change instruments for a particular sound or style. The pickup sounds you get will depend on the pickups you are using.

Are More Pickup Tones Important? In a word, YES! If it were not important, you’d be buying 1-pickup instruments. You really want more choices. When your 2-pickup instrument is equipped with this Pickup Tone MultiplierTM switching system, you can select any of the 6 unique pickup tones that you need to precisely blend in with the group, and use a different pickup tone that lets you "stand out" and be noticed and unique. This is the only product that gives you two times more Pure Virgin Analog pickup tone choices.

With twice the number of pickup tones, you are better positioned to create your unique Signature Sound that rises above all the others. Why would you want this? Because when you have 3 additional pickup tones you have a huge advantage over your competitors who only have 3 pickup tones. This product is for the serious musician who wants their audience to notice and HEAR their talent and ability–and get more bookings.