Disc Makers Introduces Smudge-Proof Inkjet-Printable CD-R Media

Disc Makers is proud to announce the introduction of its Ultra HydroShield water-resistant inkjet printable CD-Rs, the first media offering from a U.S. manufacturer using Taiyo Yuden''s state-of-the-art WaterShield™ technology. Unlike the "matte" finish of other printable CD-Rs, Ultra HydroShield discs have a glossy surface that enhances colors and dries the ink as soon as the disc is printed.

This unique technology, built into Disc Makers' professional grade Ultra blank media, locks in the ink from an inkjet printer, and dries instantly, leaving the disc well-protected against smudging, humidity, and small spills. Thanks to its shiny print surface, Ultra HydroShield media provides customers with the highest-quality finish of any media on the market. Until now, the only way to achieve this level of quality and durability was to invest in an expensive, high-end printer, out of range of most do-it-yourselfers.

"Our Ultra HydroShield CD-Rs represent a revolution in on-disc inkjet printing, because they eliminate the aspect of inkjet printing that customers liked the least - the fact that the ink didn't dry instantly, and was prone to smudging when it came in contact with moisture," says Tony van Veen, Executive Vice President. "Now you get the highest quality on-disc printing available, without having to buy an expensive Everest printer."

Disc Makers is offering the Ultra HydroShield media direct to consumers through its new catalog and on its DiscMarket.com website. Disc Makers also plans to introduce Ultra HydroShield DVD-Rs later this summer.

For more information, visit their web site at www.discmakers.com.