DigiTech's latest Whammy Pedal features a Chords mode and True-Bypass switching


I've been out at Sandy, Utah, this week with GP's publisher Joe Perry visiting DigiTech, where, besides getting a thorough grounding on the iStomp and iPB-10, we saw the latest version of the Whammy—which has a Classic/Chords switch (right above the selector knob) that lets you use the Whammy either in standard mode or, by switching to "Chords" delivers the same radical pitch modulation, but in perfect, glitch-free harmony whether you're playing two-note intervals or complex jazz grips.

The new pedal also features True Bypass switching and a handy 9-volt power jack.

The Whammy will be released in May 2012, so stay tuned for a complete review. —Art Thompson

For more information visitdigitech.com