DigiTech Marks 25th Anniversary with RP1000

The RP1000 is the first multi-effects processor with an integrated effects switching system....

DigiTech, a Harman International company and a leading manufacturer of guitar, bass and vocal processors, celebrates its 25th year of innovative, industry-leading products by introducing the RP1000, the first multi-effects processor with an integrated effects switching system.

In 1984 DigiTech started it all with the introduction of the revolutionary PDS series of digital delay pedals which still command high resale prices on eBay. In 1991, DigiTech set another benchmark with the introduction of the RP-1, the first guitar multi-effects processor on the floor. Now, 25 years later, DigiTech continues its tradition of innovative guitar-oriented firsts with the introduction of the RP1000.

Says Jason Lamb, DigiTech Marketing Manager, “until the RP1000, guitar multi-effects were based around amp modeling, which left guitarists with good amplifiers shunning multi-effects because they don’t want anything messing with their amp’s tone. With all the great amps out there, we decided to create a line of products that respected the guitarist’s amp tone along with the rest of their gear.” The RP1000’s innovative amp loop and stompbox loop uses the guitarist’s favorite stompboxes and amps as the core of their tone and allows them to add new effects and switching ability from the RP1000. Finally, guitarists are drawn to multi-effects rather than shying away.

The RP1000 has a U.S. MSRP of $699.95

For more information click to digitech.com.